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Английский язык Кейс - Контрольная работа

Основная часть (выдержка)


You got the batch of elegant women's wear for the New Year holidays at a well-known company. You expect to get a good return on the eve of holidays. Payment and delivery of goods were made under the terms of the contract. Unfortunately, after extracting the goods, you find out that there was a mistake. Your order will not work because there is only men's clothing in the package. Call to the suppliers urgently and try to resolve the problem so that your business continues to bring you income.

Answer the questions:

1. Is there a real problem for in the situation? Why?

Yes, there is a real problem in the situation, because the order will not work as there is only men’s clothing in the package.

2. Are there any ways of nonstandard decision? What are they?

There is one way to resolve this problem: to call to the suppliers urgently, discuss and resolve this problem with them.

A brave Woman

A sergeant from Arizona police department: «Helen Presley rescued three people from a burning car. That is how it all happened. One evening she went out with her friend Jack for a meal in a small quiet restaurant. They left at 9 pm and Helen offered to take Jack home. They were driving along when, suddenly, a car drove past them out of control. The car crashed and after that it burst into flames.

First they ran to the burning car. When they got there, they saw three people trapped inside. The people were screaming and Helen knew they had to get them out. It was incredibly hot when Helen and her friend managed to open the doors.

The driver was sitting inside, unconscious. They got him out and then went back for the other two passengers. Helen had to climb over the front seat s to get to them. Surprisingly, the passengers were able to walk away from the car. Meanwhile, some people who were watching from a nearby campsite, called the emergency service. We came as soon as possible.

The brave woman was standing there in a state of shock when I asked her for her name and address. She couldn't remember!

She says she didn't do anything extraordinary but our police department presented them with certificate for their bravery!

1. Answer the questions to the text:

2. Imagine that you are a reporter at a local newspaper. You should meet with Helen Presley and take an interview. Make it in the form of a written dialogue.

3. Use the following phrases to write a letter of gratitude to Helen Presley from the captain of Arizona police department:

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