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«Практическая работа по английскому языку (ответы на вопросы)»

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1. What Chambers does the British Parliament consist of?

2. What was the name of the fearless Englishman who spent many years alone on a desert island?

3. What is the favorite drink of the British?

4. How old is Queen Elizabeth II?

5. What plant is the symbol of Scotland?

6. What is the name of the legendary monster that lives in one of Scotland's lakes?

7. Which city is the capital of Wales?

8. Where is the official residence of the royal family?

9. What is the name of the English flag?

10. What Park is the most popular in London?

11. What colors does the English flag have?

12. What interesting things can be seen at Madame Tussauds?

13. What are the most common English names?

14. What is the colour of a double-decker bus which can be seen on the streets of London?

15. What birds live on the territory of the Tower?

16. What language is spoken in Northern Ireland?

17. What ocean washes the UK?

18. Who sat at the head of the "round table"?

19. What is the highest mountain in the UK?

20. What are the two chambers of the British Parliament?

21. What ball is Rugby played?

22. What sport is played in Wimbledon?

23. What great event happened in London in 1666?

24. What was the profession of Christopher Wren?

25. Why do the Irish coins show the harp?

26. Who was the first English king?

27. Why did the Duke of Wellington become famous?

28. Who and when invented penicillin?

29. Who was the tragic Queen of Scots?

30. What is the name of the saint patron of lovers?

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