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«витте рейтинг по английскому языку»

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1. Why do you need to learn foreign languages…4

1.1. Other reasons why learning foreign languages is important and necessary…5

2. What happens to the brain when it perceives new information…6

2.1. How long does it take to learn foreign languages….7

2.2. There are also general tips for learning….8

3. Methods of learning languages….9

3.1. Communicative language learning method….…9

3.2. Use of computer technology….10



A foreign language can be useful in learning not only as an exam that must be passed upon admission, or a subject that is simply in the curriculum. A foreign language can be very useful in further education or professional development.

Not all materials, courses and programs, resources are translated into Russian. Having learned a foreign language, you get access to a huge amount of information that was not available to you before.

This applies, of course, to a greater extent in English - for example, more than 80% of all information on the Internet is stored in English and 85% of scientific works are published in it today - but this is also true for other languages.

You can learn a foreign language for work not only because the boss demanded. Think about your profession and your possible career prospects.

There are many companies where knowledge of a foreign language is desirable or even required for employees. By learning a foreign language, you are investing in your future career

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1. Why do you need to learn foreign languages

Here are some reasons to learn a foreign language:

1. Ability to speak freely abroad. For example, knowledge of English will allow you to safely travel to all countries of the world, since this language is considered international.

2. A chance to get a high-paying job. Today, in order to have a prestigious job in a large company or just a high-paying job, you definitely need to speak several languages.

3. Self-confidence will increase immediately as soon as you learn a foreign language. This will give you more determination and help you overcome fear in interviews and help you travel.

4. Improves memory and intellectual level. Most of the study is spent on memorizing and memorizing words and texts, and as you work on new information, mental activity is activated. On the IQ test, people who knew a second language performed much better than those who did not speak either. After all, this is one of the best brain training.

5. Learning a new language expands your horizons, and from time to time you will catch yourself thinking what you think in it. It also increases your ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. This will help you handle a lot of work at the same time.

6. Speak and write correctly in your native language. When we learn English, we review the grammar and spelling of our native language.



When learning a new skill, it is extremely important to motivate yourself additionally. It gives meaning to the learning, it allows you to keep in mind a list of benefits that will become reality after learning the skill. Given that it sometimes takes a long time to learn a skill, a person needs to overcome moments of apathy. There are advantages in learning a foreign language in addition to your own knowledge of the language itself.

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